October 18, 2017

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September 26, 2017

Things I wish I had when my babies were little!

Check out these great ideas! Things I wish I had when my babies were little!

The Beebo

(As seen on Shark Tank!) The Beebo is a hand-free baby bottle holder invented by engineer dad, Martin Hill, so you have a free hand to read to baby while feeding, eat dinner as a family while feeding baby, and more.  

More and more dads are hands-on these days and the Beebo allows dad to help feed baby in the natural position of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding moms have a free hand and now moms and dads who bottlefeed can too!

Roshambo Baby Sunglasses

Roshambo Baby shades fits 0-2 years and up depending on baby's head size.The ultra durable, virtually unbreakable, flexible and light material is specially designed with baby in mind and they are also prescription friendly! They offer 100% uva/uvb lens protection and are certified BPA and phthalate free and small parts tested. You will love the matching “mommy & me” pairs!

Crescent Womb

Crescent Womb Infant Safety Bed creates the safest environment for your baby, outside of a parent’s arms. This breathable hammock style bed mimics the natural properties of a mother’s embrace offering the optimal conditions to soothe and promote healthy development of babies. There are no dangerous hinges or electronics, just an ergonomic design that naturally replicates your embrace. The breathability of the inner mesh prevents your baby from overheating and keeps their body at a healthy, regulated temperature. 

The company is also giving back by donating beds to babies in Africa who sleep in extremely unsafe, and unsanitary conditions.


August 31, 2017

The Only Original Alfredo Sauce

Good food typically has a great story behind it and Fettuccine Alfredo has a saga. The sauce was created by Alfredo di Lelio in 1908 Rome and is still served by his family at Ristorante il Vero Alfredo in Rome.  While the sauce spurred a million copycat recipes, the real and authentic Only Original Alfredo Sauce is finally available for purchase over a century after its creation. Russell Bellanca, son of famed restaurateur Guido Bellanca and former owner of New York’s Alfredo 100, has partnered with the originator’s family to bring the first, official Original Alfredo sauce to store shelves. The refrigerated, all-natural sauce makes it possible for anyone across the country to create an authentic bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo from New York to Italy and everywhere in between. The sauce is available for purchase at Ristorante il Vero Alfredo in Rome and online at with nationwide shipping.
TASTING NOTES While the world thought the secret to Alfredo di Lelio’s Fettuccine was cream, the sauce doesn’t include a drop of it. Instead, this world-famous sauce depends on a proprietary ratio of Parmigiano Reggiano and salted butter that emulsifies into a beautiful sauce when tossed with hot fettuccine pasta. This rich and decadent sauce offers slightly sweet butter notes that shine against the powerful and briny flavors of  parmigano cheese. Depending on your palette, home cooks can thicken or thin the sauce with the addition or subtraction of pasta water. 
HOW TO SERVE  Unlike other store-bought sauces, The Only Original Alfredo Sauce must be refrigerated as it contains just four real, natural ingredients: Parmigiano Reggiano, salted butter, olive oil and cultured skim milk. Let the sauce come to room temperature for 30 minutes before use. One container is recommended for 1 lb. of pasta. Preparation is simple — boil a pot of fresh fettuccine pasta until al dente (following pasta package instructions). Remove the pasta and toss with Alfredo Sauce. In order to reach your desired consistency, add a few tablespoons of the pasta water to thin the sauce. Serve immediately. 

August 22, 2017

Delicious and Healthy recipes for your kids lunches!

I wanted to share with you these delicious and HEALTHY recipes for your kids lunches.

These recipes were created by Joanna Parker, mom and founder of Yumble. Yumble is a brand new  meal delivery service for children that delivers affordable and healthy meals that your kids will love eating!

Turkey and Gouda Pinwheels


2 slices of Turkey Slices (I love the Applegate line - choose your favorite flavor!)

1 slice of Gouda Cheese

A schmear of Mayonnaise

A schmear of cream cheese

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla (I love the Whole Foods Organic Wrap - all clean and few ingredients!)


1.    Place the wheat tortilla on a flat surface.

2.    Down the center, thinly spread the cream cheese.

3.    Then place the turkey and cheese slices on top.

4.    Spread the mayonnaise on top of the cheese.

5.    Place your hands at each end of the wrap and fold down the sides of the tortilla. Slowly roll the tortilla while using your fingers to keep the fillings in place.

6.    Once fully and tightly wrapped place seal side down and slice into 6 pieces with a sharp knife.

7.    Serve with fresh veggies and fruit.

Homemade Teriyaki Tofu Skewers


14 ozs of extra firm tofu, cubed (I like the Nasoya Organic Extra Firm)

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup water

1 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons maple syrup

3 cloves of garlic

1 tsp of cornstarch diluted in water



1.    Wrap tofu slices with paper towels to absorb excess water and to let out moisture. It really makes a difference!

2.    In a mixing bowl, combine ingredients for teriyaki sauce (soy sauce, water, honey, maple syrup, and garlic).  Then whisk in diluted cornstarch.

3.    Marinade the tofu in teriyaki sauce for about 20-30 minutes.

4.    Drain the tofu, reserving the marinade in a separate bowl.

5.    Skew three cubes on mini heat-safe skewers.

6.    Heat oil (I like Olive or Avocado oil) in a pan for frying on medium heat.

7.    When oil is hot enough, fry tofu cubes until crispy and golden on all sides. You’ll need to stand by the pan and toss them frequently so they don’t stick.

8.    Enjoy these utensil free yummy cubes on their own or with rice, Asian style noodles, or veggies!

August 22, 2017

Back to school and Lice prevention

The Lice Preventer Kit and Lice Remover Kit, on your radar as back to school must-haves that parents wouldn’t typically think to have in the house, but can be important when the kids start coming home from school with infestations. Lice Clinics of America is the largest network of urgent care lice treatment clinics in the country, with products that provide an easy, at-home solution for families to quickly and easily eliminate head lice once and for all!

Lice Preventer Kit is an easy to use weekly treatment applied just before shower time.  The Lice Preventer Kit contains a liquid gel that kills any lice that your child may have come in contact with. The gel is easy to apply with the provided applicator, rinses out with normal shampoo, and has a pleasant scent.  Like all Lice Clinics of America products, it is non-toxic and pesticide-free.  When used weekly, lice are eliminated before the egg laying cycle leads to an infestation. The product is currently available on for $24.99.

Lice Remover Kit contains a non-toxic, pesticide-free liquid gel that kills lice, detangles hair and facilitates the removal of lice and eggs—all with no mess and no harsh scent. Unlike other gel products, the gel in the LRK easily washes out of the hair and has a fresh pear-blossom scent. The kit also contains a unique dispenser for applying the gel and controlling the amount of gel, and a sturdy metal lice comb for removing the lice and eggs. With the LRK, ending lice infestations at home is easy—and guaranteed (when used as directed). The Lice Remover Kit is available in select retail locations nationwide, including CVS, Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, HEB and Safeway for $19.99.

August 10, 2017


The world’s #1 selling truck tent has a fresh new look!  The Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup truck, creating a comfortable and restful sleeping area for two adults. Featuring more than 5.5' of headroom and a patented sewn-in floor eliminates the need to clean your truck bed prior to use.
With eight models to fit virtually every truck on the road, it’s no wonder the Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series is the market leader! The durable tent comes with a full rainfly to keep you dry through the stormy weather, two side vents and two large windows to encourage optimal ventilation.  The tents rear access panel allows for easy accessibility to the trucks cab for added convenience and storage. The 4' x 4' awning provides ample shade and securely fastens to the tailgate, offering extra space for relaxation!
The Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series easily packs into an expandable and lightweight carrying bag, ready to travel wherever your truck may take you! Napier Truck Tents are perfect for fishing, hunting, tailgating, off-roading and family camping trips. Join the millions of explorers who have already discovered how Sportz Truck Tents offer campers convenience and flexibility for all of their outdoor adventures.

NAPIER OUTDOORS Napier Outdoors is the world’s largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. Since 1990, Napier has been changing the way people view camping, by reshaping and merging the automotive and outdoor industries together. We were the first to revolutionize the camping industry with our innovative and exciting vehicle tent concepts.
Napier distributes Vehicle Camping Tents to automotive manufacturers and retailers across North America, Europe and Australia. Our vehicle tents are the number one selling Truck and SUV Tents in the World!

August 2, 2017

Time for parents and children to start thinking about going back to school

August 1 means it’s time for parents and children to start thinking about going back to school. While it’s a time that brings mixed emotions of excitement for some and perhaps fear for others, one thing is for sure: being prepared makes going back to school a lot easier.

Mary Wong, president of the Office Depot Foundation, whose National Backpack Program is now in its 17th year and has donated more than 4 million backpacks to children around the world, offers these tips to make a smooth transition:


  1. Start getting back into the routine. Summer is filled with mornings of sleeping in, hanging by the pool and days of soaking up the sun. Kids enjoy the fun of summer and how it gives them the freedom to roam. It is very difficult for kids to pivot on their rhythm so quickly. They do better if eased into a change. Start to assimilate the school routine back into their lives slowly but surely. It will be easier for you all to wake up early when the first day arrives.


  1. Encourage learning as school approaches. Hopefully, you have been encouraging your kids to continue learning over the summer.  Either way, consider a short refresher course before school starts, or look for books or online learning aids to help your children feel more confident for the first day of school.  In addition, help your children fall in love with learning and teach them to investigate their own interests. These days, there is a wealth of resources for them to utilize in their search for information.  Always keep it fun, and sneak in some math and reading if you can.


  1. Get a checkup at the doctor. Right before the school year starts is a good time to check in with your family physician. Be sure to check with the school about the mandatory health forms. Sometimes additional vaccines or forms are required, and you need to know this before the first day arrives.


  1. Make it fun! There can be a lot of stress associated with the changes a new school year brings. This stress can be on the parents and the children. Show your kids that it is a fun experience to have a new year ahead. Be sure to reinforce positives and not make the unknown fearful. This can be particularly daunting for kindergarteners or those going to school for the first time. Start slow, and attend a tour or orientation with your child before their first day to lessen the anxiety of a new situation and change.


  1. Stock up on school supplies. Getting the kids ready to go back to school is easiest if they are excited. Make the activities around going back to school a fun tradition. Include shopping for school supplies as a fun task. They will enjoy preparing a list and finding what items they need around the store. Try consolidating your trip into one catch-all location so you won’t have to scramble to three different locations to get each child the highlighters or cool pencil bag they crave.


  1. Develop a meal plan. Save yourself some brainstorming efforts and set a structure for meal plans. Each week, develop a shopping list based on the planned meals for the week. It will allow you to pack your kid’s lunches and have dinner ready with ease. Meal planning can be a fun way to get your kids interested in nutrition and cooking, too. They can make a list of their favorite meals and lunch ideas. If they know how the meal plan process works, they can even pack their own lunches. It will save you a lot of hassle.


  1. Facilitate after school arrangements. When August rolls around, it is a good time to start making those calls to the other parents. Organize your car pool for the year and set up after school arrangements. Sometimes it’s is a good time to have a playdate or two and meet up to discuss this with parents in person. Propose a shared digital schedule for all the parents involved to keep everyone in-the-loop and up-to-date on the changes. A group chat is a good way to check in with one another without having to make calls while your toddler hangs off your arm.


July 17, 2017

Wee Blessing

Wee Blessing, which is an adorable kid’s clothing subscription box. The package contains 4 outfits in a variety of brands, including Disney, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gap Kids, Hurley, Roxy and more.


To describe it quickly, parents can build an online style profile and check off their kiddo’s likes/dislikes, sizing, favorite colors, etc. and a package will be delivered to their door step. The cool thing is that you can keep what you like and ship back what you don’t like for free.


It’s definitely geared towards busy moms because you can shop for your kids without leaving the house!

We received the cutest ever samples! Great quality and stylish - give it a try!  The kids get a package in the mail with their name on it and adorable clothes you can keep or return if not interested!

June 12, 2017

How is a parent supposed to compete with endless electronic fun?

Just like blockbuster summer movies, new video games are hitting the market right before summer vacation and many parents are struggling to wrench their children’s attention away from iPads, Xboxes, Playstations and all the other devices designed to keep them playing for hours. You know that your kids, pre-teens and teenagers need some outdoor activity time, but how is a parent supposed to compete with endless electronic fun? Vida Health's Head of Nutrition and Coaching Jennifer Gibson has you covered with these tips:


  • Get crafty with a homemade scavenger hunt. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country, you can easily whip up a list of items for your child to find or tasks for her to complete. It can be as simple as “a green leaf, a bug, and an interesting rock”, or as complicated as a list of 15 specific items that she must find and take a picture of. For extra fun, get the whole family involved in a competition and choose some high stakes prizes for the winning team: how about the losers make the winners a healthy snack?


  • Get old-school with your game choices. When was the last time you played Red Rover? Ghost in the Graveyard? What about a friendly round of Dodgeball? Resurrecting playground games from your own youth can capture your kids’ interest and help them to see you in a whole new light—as the reigning Foursquare champion!


  • Get a whole new family hobby. You love to hike, your son lives to collect whatever it is they collect on Roblox. Why not combine the two with geocaching (link, or letterboxing (link, where you use your smartphone to access clues and find secret treasure? These addictive activities are sure to get even the most reluctant gamer out and moving.


  • Get wet. Never underestimate the power of water—even the most stoic tween is no match for a parent brandishing it in any form. No need to invest in the newest high-tech automatic water weapon, a good old hose will do just fine. Grin, squirt, run, and don’t be afraid to get silly.


  • Get moving inside. Even if it’s just plain too hot to stomach going outside, that doesn’t mean getting some exercise is impossible. Have your gamer try out Just Dance or another movement-driven game, or just do a quick search on YouTube for a fun family workout you can all do together. Worst case scenario, you get really good at doing the Dougie.
June 8, 2017

Five Beach Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Steve is a 30-year law enforcement veteran and FBI defense tactics instructor shares his best tips for parents to know this summer.

Five Beach Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know


According to the Center for Disease Control, each year about 4,000 people drown in the United States.  Drowning kills more children 1-4 years of age than anything else, except birth defects.  Among children ages one through fourteen, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury or death (after motor vehicle crashes).  Being aware of the risks and learning some life saving techniques will keep you safe at the beach.


1) Your Span of Control is Limited

In the perfect world, every child would have a designated adult supervising them at the beach or pool, but two children is a comfortable number for one adult to supervise.  Any more can become overwhelming and increase the risk of something going wrong.


2) Drowning Doesn’t Look like Drowning (or:  Drowning Doesn’t Look like You Imagine)

In the movies, when someone is acting out a drowning scene they wave their arms and scream for help. In real life, drowning is, for the most part, a silent act. Once a person goes into distress mode, they are fighting for two things: air and keeping their mouth above water.

My first experience witnessing the onset of a drowning occurred at my family pool when I was about ten years old.  My much younger cousin was in two feet of water, bent over at the waist.  It looked he was looking at his feet or the bottom of the pool but something didn’t seem right. When I lifted his head out of the water, he began vomiting and crying, he had been stuck. In a case I investigated, witnesses reported seeing a young girl bobbing her head up and down in the water.  She had drifted from the shallow end of the pool into water above her head (or:  the deep end) and was pushing off the floor of the pool to get air because she could not swim. She was saved, but nearly drowned. If something in and around the water doesn’t look right, it likely isn’t.


3) Set Up by a Lifeguard - No lifeguard No lifeline.

Set up your stuff near a lifeguard station so that if you venture into the water with your children there is an extra set of eyes to watch over you and your child. Don’t allow this to replace your diligence but rather supplement it. Your child is your first responsibility.


4) Don’t Get Lost in Conversation

Going to the beach or pool is a social event. If you’re caught up in a conversation, keep your face and your eyes on your child. Mishaps and accidents can occur very quickly and with a mix of children and water, seconds matter. Keep your hands glued to your babies or toddlers at all times.  If at the beach, keep an eye out for rouge waves.  Chat with the lifeguard in advance about any dangers you should know about. Ankle deep water can quickly become a hazard if you are not paying attention. Outfit your child with bright colored beach wear.  Know your limitations and educate yourself on riptides.  While you are on child watch duty turn the cell phone off, and keep the Ipad or book out of your reach.


5) Learn CPR and Rescue Breathing

Your local fire, police, recreation department or gym and health club often sponsor certified CPR courses. You will not realize its value until you need it!

Steve Kardian is an American career law enforcement officer, detective, sergeant and chief criminal investigator, who specializes in crime prevention and risk reduction for women's safety. Kardian is the author of The New Superpower for Women (on pre-sale until August 8, 2017) and founder of Defend University, where he trains thousands of people each year on safety and self-defense, as well as strategies and tactics uniquely tailored to women's safety.

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