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What I Do With Vegetable Glue, By Susan Chandler, Illustrated by Elena Odriozola, Ages 2-5

Do you have trouble convincing your children to eat their vegetables? Then make sure you get your hands on this silly story teaching children what will happen if they don't...

"When you eat up your greens
Your body makes glue
Which keeps all your parts
Still sticking to you."

The main character, a young girl, refuses to eat her veggies and slowly but surely suffers the consequences. With nothing in her diet besides cake, she finds herself short on vegetable glue. Vegetable glue is what keeps your body parts stuck together... or so the story goes. With a mere cough or sneeze, the poor girl loses a body part.

The story ends with Granny saving the day with a big bag of produce and the little girl digging in to a big bowl of greens. Overall, this story offers a valuable lesson for children.

The font is a large size on every page which makes it a great choice for a read aloud. On the other hand, the illustrations are done with a combination of pastel water color and paint. Not the brightest images, but nonetheless, they get the job done.

Hardcover, 24 pages.

Ages 2-5

I recommend this!