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Don't Copy Me By Jonathon Allen (Ages 2-4)

Hardcover, 32 pages.
Ages 2 to 4

The plot of this children's book revolves around the notorious phrase, "Stop copying me!" From a young age, more specifically when they first learn to use their words, children find it oh so entertaining to mimic others... and we all know where it goes from there.

The main character, Little Puffin, is continuously followed by the three baby chicks, Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull, while peacefully on a walk in the fresh air. "How annoying!" Little Puffin thought to himself and shouted out loud to the young chicks. Now his mission on this beautiful day was to stop them from copying his every move. From yelling at them in belief he would scare them away to running as fast as he could, Little Puffin struggled to outsmart these annoying, copying kids. At last, he thought, maybe if they had nothing to copy, they would go away and I would beat them at their own silly game. But after all of his grueling effort to make them flee... "He had company".

England author, Jonathon Allen, is the creator of a series of international best sellers since 2004 and continues to impress families and young children today. His other children's books include "I'm Not Cute!" which is recommended by many.

The pages are compiled of bright, glossy pages of Little Puffin, an older penguin, and the three baby gulls. The illustrations are not jumping with imagination, but the viewer is exposed to the mimicking journey of the annoyed penguin and annoying copy cats, or should I say copy gulls.

Overall, I would recommend this story primarily because it is entertaining page after page, as you are left in suspense waiting to read what Little Puffin will do next! On the contrary, I did find the writing choice to be quite negative because of Little Puffin constantly complaining "how annoying!" his day was.