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CT's No Drama Mammas & Pappas of Fairfield County!

We are Fairfield County's newest & largest Family Network focusing on Growing as Parents, Raising our Children and providing a glimpse into what's to do in Fairfield County! Network with hundreds of families, attend thousands of events (both public and private), read 100% parent-authored publications & reviews, participate in forums of hot topics of ALL topics and redeem dozens of perks and promotions exclusive to members! We are a FREE resource to parents and caregivers that always keeps safety in mind with a two-step application process for those interested in joining the private network. Otherwise anyone cal also sign up for the free newsletter too! The group has redefined "play dates" using creative and unique events allowing children/parents to enjoy their time together, including structuring their own toddler to preschool introduction courses in art, music and recreation! NDMP partners with various other resources & local businesses to ensure that we maintain our strong Parent-to-Parent connection. There is nothing stronger than word of mouth, but when it comes from like-minded moms & dads, you know its feedback you can trust! Learn more about this group and to access their sites & newsletter sign ups by visiting: