Etiquette & Protocol Training for Children & Adolescents

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"Prepare your Children & Teens for their Future"!!!!!

Children learn basic manners and communication skills with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity and putting people at ease. 

Content is geared toward life today.

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"Great Manners are the Key to Your Child's Future Success" Exclusive Programs: Customize Your Program:
• Classes available for children ages 3 to 12. • Telephone Manners • Individual Training

• Activities are fun, warm, and kind instructed.

• Telephone Safety

• After School Classes
• Parents are always welcome to participate • Text Messaging • Birthday Party Programs (All ages)
• Quick pace to keep children engaged • Bullying

• ½ day seminars

• Conversational style involves children in discussions • Good Hygiene • Semi-private groups
• Proper manners trainings • Social Skills • Small Groups (Ages 6-8 & 9-12)
• Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity. • Dinning Skills • Summer Programs
• Classes filled with games and activities geared toward topics • Social Networking
• Lots of laughter. • Sharing
• Table Manners
• Internet & Email Etiquette
• Social Grace & Self Respect
• Other skills


Great Mannrs are the Key to Your Teen's Future Success!

"Tennagers learn proper manners, social skills, and effective interview techniques"


Content is geared toward life today, not the turn of the century!

We prepare your teenager for adulthood! Customize Your Program!
Ages 13 to 19. Private training
Fun, warm, kind instructions After school Classes
Parents are always welcome to participate! Weekend classes
Quick pace to keep teens engaged. One day and 1/2 day seminars
Conversational style involves teenagers in discussion. Group "Manner & Etiquette parties"
Proper manners training.

In-home trainings!

Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity.
Classes filled with exercises and activities geared toward topics.
Llots of laughter!
College and job preparation
Cyber civity and safety lessons

Effective communication skills!

The Well-Mannered Communicator Classes:

12 weeks groups, semi-private or private training!



Active Parenting Workshops 

Active parenting logo

program by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.

Millions of parents have achieved success with Active Parenting!

Through this program you will learn skills that will help you develop cooperation, responsibility and self-esteem in your children. You'll also learn positive discipline techniques so you can avoid those all-too-familiar power struggles.

Video, discussion, and activities make for a fast-paced workshop
Active Parenting Now uses entertaining video scenes to demonstrate common parenting challenges and solutions. Each workshop allows plenty of time for group discussion and activities.

Here's what you'll be learning:

Session I:

- Styles of parenting

- Mutual respect and how to achieve it

- "Method of choice"

- Handling problems

- Cooperation

- Active communication

Session II:

- Teaching responsibility

- Effective discipline techniques

- "I" messages

- Logical consequences

- Family meetings

Session III:

- Building courage and self-esteem

- The FLAC method of defusing power struggles

- Power of encouragement

- The BANK method of encouragement

Active parenting workshops


SMPsychotherapy & Coaching Services provides a variety of services guided to serve the family system in manner that meets each family member's needs.

I provide clinical assessments, individual, couple and family counseling, workshops, educational and psychotherapy groups, parenting coaching/counseling, coaching services.

• Psychotherapy & Counseling for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families

• Life/Personal Coaching

• Career Coaching

• Health Coaching

• Relationship Coach

• Individual Parenting Guidance

• Step-Parenting Counseling & Coaching

• Stress & Anger Management Groups

• In-home services


Soribel Martinez, MS, MBA, MSW

Certified Children's Etiquette Trainer

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